Believe what you stand for and stand for what you believe. Do not be tossed to and fro. I will protect you from yourself and use any errors to further instruct you. Don’t shrink back and don’t be a coward. Be willing to be corrected to find out what you actually believe. Do not stand on the curb and say “I think, I think” on a thing. Step out and see what your honest and heart felt beliefs can achieve. If the winds intimidate you and cause you to rely on your own abilities and efforts to sustain you, you will sink into that sea of uncertainty. I will not be angered, just as I was not angered by Peter’s uncertainty, but rather reached out my hand to pull him out. Don’t be afraid to step out, there are more like you, but how will they know of your kindred spirit if you do not step out? How can they say Amen if you do not make your convictions clear? I teach, by asking you questions that you do not know as of yet. It is to show you the answers of things you only understand in part. Don’t be ashamed to express your heart. A humble and contrite spirit I will never cast out from My presence. You are mine and I AM yours. Be respectful to one another when you disagree or fail to come to the same conclusions. It doesn’t mean they are not hearing me, but it’s message is embodied by more than just one witness. So don’t be afraid to listen to another’s perspective. Five people can hear the same thing and see and understand it from five different points of view. All encompass my message and bring it together under the covering of Truth, as it is revealed to that individual. This is why I say a Truth MUST be ordained as Truth by at least two or three witnesses. You are all jointly fit together to function as a body with Me, Christ as the head.

What the right eye sees is quite different from the left but you need both to bring into focus that which is seen. I love you all and I play no favorites, remember that. To whom much is given however, to them much more is required. Let that humble you and not puff you up, unless you are walking perfect in accordance to all that you have received. It should be the weakness you boast in. Remember, “let your shame be your fame,” because this is the height from which you have fallen. Awareness of this shows that you are awake and not sleeping. Glory in your weakness from which you have been rescued by My mercy and nothing else. This is the good news of the Gospel. For no man is righteous, not one. So where is boasting or qualification?

What is baptism by fire? It is the trying and refining of what you say you believe. Only after every question has been posed in opposition and every insecurity has been exposed by trial and every area of shame has been revealed by error, will you see what remains and still stands in your belief. That which is burned up, was meant to burn up but that which remains shows what you really think and believe. This is baptism by fire. Baptism has to do with what a man is immersed in and what it is that will preserve you and keep you until My coming.

Luke 12:50, 1 Peter 3:21, Mark 1:8, Matthew 3:11, Matthew 20:22-23

Now be free and set free.

for any questions/comments email: freedom@redletterpub.com


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