Gen 2:18  And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. 

This article is going to focus on the Biblical word HELP.

This word “help” shows up the very first time in Gen 2:18 and in the original Hebrew this word is ‛êzer H5828 and it defines the source of help, it means: one who helps, succour, and it comes from the root word ‛âzar H5826 which means to be helped, surrounded and protected.

This first time the word HELP is used in the Bible is when the woman was created.

Gen 2:18 The Lord God said It is NOT good that man should exist alone, I will create a HELP that can be seen.

Yes, in the original Hebrew, this verse reads a bit different than my 1st cousin 13x removed, King James VI received from his scribes for the printing of his Bible. In the original Hebrew the HELP that was provided from God was before him, in his presence or before his eyes. There is nothing about meet, measurements, equivalence, or qualifications specified in this verse.. God is telling Adam that its not good that he should exist alone and He was going to create HELP upon the earth that man could SEE.

There was one thing that was NOT GOOD among all the GOOD things God had created thus far, and it was; as the scripture says “That man exist/be alone“. We will go further into what this word “alone” really means but for now let’s look at the two words describing what God was going to create for Adam that could not be found among the creatures God had created thus far, especially when every animal had it’s counterpart to multiply at this point:

ezer H5828 help and neged H5048 which means before, in front of, beside, in the presence of, or before one’s eyes.

These words only show up together two times in ALL of the Scriptures, in verses Gen 2:18 and 20 and they’re both talking about the woman that God will create as a visible help for man. Once again, these words together mean help that can be seen, or present. Now, I must point out that this word help does not appear again in the Scriptures with this corresponding word neged next to it, and this help H5828 is only used 21 times in the OT, and every time it is referring to the Help of God. So, we can conclude that this type of help in Gen 18 and 20 was extended by God one time towards mankind in a way that was visibly from Him. We see numerous occasions in the scriptures where help came, arrived, was granted and helped many, but we don’t see another occurrence of the word “help” being accompanied by this word neged.

Now let’s talk about the word “alone”, it’s the one thing that was NOT GOOD among everything that God had created. It’s NOT by happenstance that this word in ancient Hebrew is bad, that’s right, you read it correctly, it’s BAD and pronounced the same way too, H905. The first thing that was bad among all the things God had created was the separation and isolation of Adam from others of his kind. Bad H905 means: alone, by itself or oneself, a part, separation, isolation, being alone.

So, a quick rundown, being alone or isolated was so bad that God made sure to create a HELP that could be continually seen that would prevent it. This help from God is not merely “presence” as the remedy for being alone but as God’s very present help in the time of need, as the scriptures say in Psalms 46:1.

Wives are HELP from God to their husbands, not only to remedy their loneliness but to help them complete the very purpose they were created for. They are help from God and by God not only before them but also as their witness before God and man. So, in closing, and yes this article is short this time, I want you to ponder the purpose, power and role of a wife to a husband. I want you to realize that THIS help was only extended one time to mankind and it’s divine station stands continually before God and all of His creation as HELP from God our Creator that is SEEN or present. It’s time to let the bride out of the bridal chamber and take your foot off of her neck attempting to force submission and allow her to do what God created her to do, HELP you. Her advice and timely critiques are not disrespect to your position but rather faithful and loving examples of God’s assistance to your divine purpose. Mature in Christ, become confident in who you are in your relationship with God and stop competing with your spouse for a position she doesn’t even want. Let your wives HELP YOU, in Jesus name, because you won’t fully and wholly (holy) be complete in God until you do.

I pray in this article has you thinking and will spur you to study your bibles.

Be Free and Set Free in Jesus Name!

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